headshotBill Hall

Husband, father, technologist, student, autodidact, teacher, analytic.  I enjoy learning new things and sharing what I learn.





I enjoy helping people grow, this blog will provide guidance on behaviors and techniques that will help people get better at what they do.


I am married to my beautiful wife Katie.  We have two wonderful little girls, Jane and Jamie.  On the weekends I coach Janes soccer team.  During the week I work as a Senior Manager for Accenture.
I started with Accenture as an analyst and was able to make it through to consultant, manager, and then senior manager within 6 years, typical progression ranges from 8 to 11 years.
I obtained a BS in computer and electrical engineering from UC Santa Barbara and a master’s in computer engineering from Texas A&M.
Save for a few small breaks, I’ve had a job in one form or another since I was 14, about 20 years now.  I’ve done odd jobs, retail, been a teacher, worked as an engineer in the defense industry, worked for small businesses, worked in large corporations, and consulted for 10 of the Fortune 100 companies.  I’ve performed task based jobs, been part of small and large teams, been an individual contributor, and run operations with over 100 people reporting into me.  I’ve been responsible for hiring, a few unfortunate firings, mentoring many individuals, developing a skills building program, and a number of promotions(people I am very proud of).  I’ve been blessed to quickly advance during my career.  Having seen people advance quickly and slowly in their careers, i’ve identified a number of behaviors that differentiate the successful individuals from the mediocre.  My goal with this site is to explore and share the behaviors and techniques that help you to be successful.  People development is a passion of mine, I love to see those aha moments when a person figures something out and becomes more effective at what they do, if I can help them get to that point, even better.